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What Software can I afford?
What do I want to do?
16 track simultaneous recording 
Live mixing
What to try?

Software I have found links to!
Adobe: Audition 1.5 was former Syntrillium Cool Edit
Syntrillium: Cool Edit Pro v1.2a
Cool Edit 2000 v1.0
Cool Edit Pro v.2.0
Goldwave: Goldwave v4.23
Steinberg: Wavelab v4.00c
T-racks: T-Racks 24 v2.04
Cakewalk: Pro Audio 9.03
Cakewalk Audio Finder v3.0
CakeWalk Home MP3 Encoder v1.001
Cakewalk Sonar XL 2.0 
Cakewalk Sonar 3 Producer Edition  Full
Steinberg: Cubase VST32 v5.0R1 Working
Steinberg Cubase SX 1.01
Emagic: Logic Audio (Now only for Mac?
Logic Express is the Logic Pro 7 with scaled-back features for students and hobbyists. 
Logic Audio Platinum v5.01
Logic Audio for the Hit Kit
Does anyone still have a copy of LAWP 5.5.1 I can buy?
Virtual Mixers
C-mexx: C-console for DSP-Factory for $499 from innovativemusic.com.au/control
C-Console For DSP Factory v1.4
C-Console 01V v1.3.10.000
xpi-software DspCtrl is software for controlling Yamaha's DSP-Factory range of cards and interfaces
DSPmix: DSP Mix for Windows (free download)
Minnetonka: MxTrax DSP gives you the full power of the DSP Factory, including realtime mixing, and all signal processing and DSP effects. MxTrax's drag-and-drop mixer makes it easy to create a custom mixer. All controls are automatable. Editing is totally non-destructive, with unlimited undo's and redo's. With a single mouse click, the MxTrax Project File saves your tracks, your mixer, your automation, and all edits. You can load a Project at a later time, and undo an edit you did last week! (discontinued)
MxTrax Native v3.0.17 (c) Minnetonka
Pro Tools 32 Tracks v5.01R2
Pro Tools LE_5.31 For Win XP
SEK'D: Samplitude Studio v6.0
Fasoft: N-Track Studio v4.1
SAW: SAWStudio $2500, SAWStudio light $1200, SAWStudio Basic $300 (www.iqsoft.com)
Saw Pro v2.3
Steinberg: Cubase VST/24
Steinberg Nuendo v2.0 - Full
Steinberg Nuendo v1.5 - Multilingual
Yamaha: DSP Driver (have) The latest version of DSP Factory Driver (Version 1.23b as of this writing) Yamaha Drivers  
DSP: Digital Sound Planet formerly Canam Computers Quartz Studio PRO DS2416 (gone?
Quartz Studio Pro 3.7
Quartz Studio 8 3.7
LUI: Simmons Interactive is proud to offer the Little User Interface family of products for the DSP Factory. LUI (free download) provides realtime control of the DSP Factory with a compact user interface. LUI Plus (shareware) adds extensive support for the CM Automation Motor Mix to LUI. LUI Pro (coming Q2 2000) builds upon the success of LUI with a new user interface, snapshot automation, surround sound support and more. The LUI products work with all Windows audio software. More information can be found at Simmons Interactive's site. (gone?)
Mackie: Traction 2
Magix: magixII
MOTU: Mark of the Unicorn Symphonic Instrument (Old: has another powerful sequencer, Digital Performer 2.5 for the Mac ($795 list))
Musicator: Musicator 4.01 (XP compatible) and Delta (www.musicator.com/dspf.htm)
Sonicfoundry: sold the following programs to sonypictures.com
Vegas Audio v2.0a.323 (c)
Sound Forge v6.0 & v7.0